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Few topics have been as widely discussed and debated among Airport Ground Transportation Professionals recently as much as the emergence of Transportation Network Carriers (TNC)- Uber, Lyft, SideCar and others. In an effort to assist regulators (primarily airports) in the research, development and implementation of policies and practices related to these new transportation options we have launched “TNCForums”. This site will provide airport management and other regulators of ground transportation operations with a centralized location for up-to-the-minute information on the activities, issues and related actions taken by regulatory agencies and TNCs. It will also facilitate efficient communications between organizations and generate notifications of important developments.

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This site is public; anyone can register, become a member and read, use, or relay information presented here. Therefore, please take care to use all the best practices of social media communications.

We encourage you to post your organization’s policies, practices, and agreements to this TNC forum to provide a broad base of real world information that will help you and your airport colleagues to develop a framework to achieve the best outcome for your organization.

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